Thursday, May 10, 2012

Humpty Done-dy

If I said I was one hundred percent happy with my completed piece, I would be stretching the truth. Honestly, I wish I had one more day to redo some of the cutwork brick areas. I was so focused on not cracking the bullion purl, I wasn't watching my spacing. Some of my bricks look so crowded but I truly don't know how they will be graded. I had to let them go as they were, as time ran out quicker than expected.

If you noticed, there is a big gap in the work progress as depicted in my photos. Those were the critical moments when I was working on my own well into the night and told myself I would photograph my work first thing in the morning. Well, that didn't happen, so here's what I have managed to record.
Last minute details take shape. Lips stitched in stria-shaded padded satin stitching, jacket studded with French knotted paillettes, and work begins on brick wall.

Cutwork along bricks is almost completed. The tiny shoe is formed of pueter colored kid leather complete with tiny buckle and strap. Along the brick ledge is S-ing technique of rough purl and bright check alternately.

The completed work with added shading to legs and wall.

Closeup of bricking and details of sock. Note the lapel is stitched with plate, one of the advanced stitch requirements.


  1. In a word: incredible! Beautiful work Wendy, you should be proud of it.

    1. Thanks, Kris. You always know exactly what to say.

  2. Wendy, she's Beautiful, and yes, you should be proud.

  3. Your attention to detail is amazing! I love his little leather shoe. So many different textures. A very happy and handsome Humpty!

  4. BRAVO!!!!! You did a great job! Just beautiful!

  5. Amazing!!! This is an awesome project! I hope you bring it to the SOAF so I can see it this summer.

  6. Oh my! I've never seen anything like this, just stunning! I've done some of your Gold work kits, but, this is just so beautiful. The different surface textures are wonderful, a delight for the eyes! I want to touch it!