Friday, April 6, 2012

Final Countdown to Easter

I've been receiving a few calls from my students who are down to the wire on their Easter dresses. Sometimes just discussing your dilema is comforting when you are confused about how to proceed with your sewing. It makes me feel needed to answer questions, offer a word or encouragement, and then to see the completed project. It happens to me too.

My niece came over Wednesday night to try on her communion dress and I was totally relieved when it fit perfectly. It looked adorable on her and now I feel confident to move forward. It doesn't need to be completed until the end of April, but I wanted to allow a lot of time to devote to this project. I'm so glad I did. I will post completed pics of the dress in a few weeks.

Today is Good Friday and the office is closed. I decided not to go into the office today, even through I would have had sewing to do. It feels great to just hang out once in a while just doing nothing. I'm caught up on my Easter gifts and looking forward to celebrating the holiday at my sister-in-law's on Sunday. Evan and Andrea won't be in until late Saturday night so I have a little time to get their gifts wrapped and baskets put together. After all, the Easter bunny is coming and I must be ready for him.

In New Orleans, Good Friday means "crawfish." We have been envited to a crawfish boil and I am truly looking forward to it. It's sort of a tradition to spend Good Friday eating crawfish with friends. Crawfish is considered seafood, therfore it is the perfect thing to eat during Lent. Happy Easter eveyone.

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